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When used effectively, medication will support patients on their healing journey. Prescriptions, if used, will be recommended in conjunction with a person’s unique makeup to enhance their abilities and perpetuate growth. Instead of prescribing medications based on diagnoses, we utilize a client’s presentation of current symptoms and incorporate genetic history, Enneagram typology, and personal story into our medication suggestions.

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Therapy should be tailored to each person. We work heavily with our patients to amplify their strengths and gain the skills necessary to manage life’s challenges. As such, we incorporate a patient’s personality attributes, whole-body needs, trauma experiences, and genetic makeup into a patient-specific treatment plan. Using these components of wellness, we aim to help our patients develop a more complete comprehension of themselves, including understanding their past and potential for the future. 

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Many residual effects of unresolved trauma manifest themselves in the physical state of our bodies, explains Bessel van der Kolk, mental health revolutionist and author of The Body Keeps the Score. Our trauma-specific massage therapist works to relax tensions from micro- and macro-traumas to renew energy, release pain, and provide a safe environment for the Self to recover.

Have big plans on your to-do list? Ready to accomplish those goals? Our resident life coach has developed a unique coaching plan using Enneagram personality theory, structural process design, and goals-focused action to help you, well, do what you want to do! Over six meaningful sessions, you will work together to fine-tune your focus, move through progress-stunting obstacles, and learn valuable skills to accomplish the goals that will bring you meaningful change.

($741 for six sessions)

Process your genetics. Understand how your unique genes interact with your behaviors and personality. Create treatment and nutritional modalities that work with your body to create lasting change.

Our genetic consultations help you understand how your genes affect your body systems. We’re able to discover root causes and underlying factors to many of your symptoms, stressors, and ailments. With this knowledge, we can make better decisions on medications, therapies, and supplements that work with your body.

Together, we can make treatment plans that resonate with your body to create meaningful change and lasting wellness.

Therapy—but in groups. Join other patients to discuss diverse topics in a safe, provider-moderated setting. 

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We treat all diagnoses. We work to treat you, the client, first and your diagnosis second—you’re a person, not a label.

As a team, we specialize in ADHD and neurodivergent management. We also utilize Enneagram typology, Jungian psychology, and other temperament-focused ideologies in our approach.

All ages are welcome. Our client-first focus allows for personalized treatment regardless of age, including team members specializing in youth and adolescent treatment. 

To help you along your path to healing, our patient-centered approach pulls from multiple modalities and practices. Please speak with your therapist or provider if you believe a specific service would be beneficial.

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