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Exploring who we are, how we got lost, and how we might find our way back home to our true identity.

– Christopher L. Heuertz

About Us

Sonatix Wellness is an outpatient mental health clinic for people willing to invest in their mental health to create lasting change. Our methods go beyond traditional interventions and utilize personally tailored modalities such as genetics, natural supplements, pinpoint medication management, Enneagram, Jungian Cognitive Functions, and life coaching to encompass all aspects of human nature.

Services Offered

Medication Management

Prescriptions, if used, are based on who the person is and what they may need physiologically NOT diagnosis. We incorporate a person’s genetics, enneagram, and story into our medication suggestions.


Therapy is tailored to each person individually incorporating their personality, needs, trauma, and even genetics. We aim to not only validate you but teach you how to see yourself: all of it.

Genetics & Personality

Our genetic evaluations incorporate all aspects of your nature to better influence medication choices, therapy choices, and a personalized nutrition/supplementation plan. We teach you why/how things will work in your body according to your genes.

Personal Life Coaching

Structure your life to accomplish your goals. We work together to structure the engine that drives your life, remove obstacles and bottlenecks that stunt progress, and learn to manage the byproducts and inventories that build up over time.

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