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 Let’s face it: Communication matters! A 2018 report by The Economist illustrates just how impactful poor communication can be in the workplace: A staggering 52% of workforce employees feel added stress due to poor communication! In addition, poor communication can cause low employee morale, missed performance goals, and low workplace retention. 

Time to check in! Do you validate, clarify, and correct as a leader in your home, community, or workplace? Take the time to validate the truth in an employee’s or family member’s responses, clarify the content, and then positively redirect their responses. Let us know how it goes! 

 What’s New?

Have you ever felt like an old, clunky car desperately needing repair? Oil leaks, flat tires, hissing radiator—you name it, you’re feeling it, completely out of gas. We can help! 

Our maintenance plan to tune up, streamline, refill, and rejuvenate your body is part of a successful individual plan tailored to you and your body. 

What plays a role? Genetics. 

Your genetics are why your body functions the way it does and why it acts a certain way. When you understand WHY your body works the way it does, our Genetics Team at Sonatix Wellness can streamline, tweak, assess, and develop a plan to get your body running smoothly and effectively. 

For more information, contact our office for a consultation! 

You are worth it! 

“Self-sacrifice? But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed.”

— Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

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Morgan Haws — the one who’s really in charge. She’s the darling behind the phone, helping to keep Sonatix a well-oiled machine. Morgan is a licensed hairdresser and a type 7 who loves traveling, culture, and studying how people’s brains work. She’s always looking for her next big adventure: She says Greece is calling her name: Mamma Mia!

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Our Enneagram Jam 

Why the Enneagram? 

The infamous Enneagram can sometimes get a bad rap. Within the proper context, this age-old personality theory can help individuals discover more about themselves, such as their core motivations, intelligence, strengths, focuses, and patterns. Using this information, therapists and consultants at Sonatix Wellness help clients break through figurative brick walls to get to the root of healing. 

Where do I start? 

Our website’s Enneagram section is a great place to learn more about the Enneagrams. We introduce the basics of Enneagram types, explain the connections between the numbers, and describe different elements of the nine personalities. COMING SOON! 

A little information goes a long way: 

If you’re a skeptic, we understand! Once you’ve discovered your Enneagram number, it can be tempting to lump yourself into a category, labeling yourself as only one thing. Keep in mind that this is just a facet of who you are! Understanding your and others’ personality types allows us to communicate, love, diffuse conflict, and set boundaries more effectively. 

What We’re Into

To be honest, we’re into a lot of very cool things. What currently stokes our fire is the absolute brilliance in helping you understand your genetic makeup. We know, we know. This may seem redundant (we’ve talked about it TWICE), but let’s be clear: Understanding this information will change your life (and lifestyle)! Your session with our genetic consultant is worth your time and money. Your hard-earned moolah matters. Interested in seeing what information you would receive from a genetic consultation? Email us at for a sample genetics report! 

The Coping Corner 

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