Massage Therapy

Trauma massage

Our bodies remember trauma, whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Trauma massage works with the fascia (connective tissue) to release trapped emotion, energy, and tension to reset the parasympathetic system. This focuses on the mind-body connection and works with the nervous system to help clients know where they’re holding tension and what emotions are connected.

therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is the manual manipulation of the soft tissue to promote relaxation, blood circulation, pain relief, injury recovery, injury prevention, and overall well-being. Pressure can range from light to firm to deep, based on the client’s needs and goals.

thai massage

Thai massage combines deep compression, gentle stretching, and acupressure to release stagnant chi or energy in the body. It helps mobility and flexibility while relaxing the body into “yoga-like” poses. This is great for athletes, weekend warriors, or those looking to release tension. This modality is done on a mat with the client wearing athletic or loose-fitting clothing.

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