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Origin of the name Sonatix

The name Sonatix stems from the word sonata, a musical composition composed of three essential elements: exposition, development, and recapitulation. The subject matter of a sonata is stated, explored, expanded, and then restated with improvements. We found that structure to be synonymous with our mental health vision: As our patients learn to see themselves truly, they can explore, expand, and redefine themselves. We replaced the traditional ending with the letters -ix. These two letters form the Roman numeral 9, symbolizing completion and representing the nine Enneagram types.

About the company

Health to create lasting change. The power behind Sonatix Wellness is the culmination of years of shared experience and connection, with its purposeful and untraditional approach to mental health improvement. 

This team of four consists of individuals with various personalities, backgrounds, and strengths, whose love for creative forms of true healing began with their work in the Children’s Unit at the Utah State Hospital. During this time, they connected to implement various ideas to better the lives of mentally ill children. 

The methods used at Sonatix Wellness are research-based and go beyond traditional interventions to galvanize, cultivate, and empower patients in their pursuit of wellness. The team utilizes personally tailored modalities, including individual genetic makeup, natural supplements, pinpointed medication management, Enneagram theory, Jungian cognitive functions, and life coaching to encompass all aspects of human nature.

Shyler progressed from Recreational Therapist at the Utah State Hospital to receiving his Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) from the University of Utah, specializing in mental health for all ages. Shyler married Kylie, whose expertise as an elementary teacher has encouraged the team to incorporate their research into helping teachers with student behavior in the classroom setting. 

Chris brings the strengths of chemical engineering to the team as he heads the newly launched Genetic Services sector. He is a life coach and business consultant and uses his experience to provide one-on-one coaching and improve client outputs. Chris married Keshia, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and mother; Keshia uses her expertise to work with children, adolescents, and young adults using holistic treatments and whole-body wellness.

About Us

Shyler Headshot

Shyler Bischof


Every few months, you’ll find Shyler Bischof reorganizing his pantry.

Shyler is dedicated to excellence in the pursuit of healing and well-being. His brain, a cocktail of wit, stubbornness, and authenticity, opts for generating constructive challenges over living in mundane ennui. He resembles the mouse protagonist in the classic children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie; Shyler is a perpetual doer, a thinker, a resourceful leader, and is annoyingly supportive. He loves anime, traveling, and running, so he’ll probably want a snack. See? Back to the pantry.

Shyler champions difficult personal and occupational tasks: He holds an eleven-minute cold plunge record and seeks to heal the broken mental health system. He’s a Type 8 on the enneagram: a challenger, a defender of the underdog, a seeker of improvement. He absolutely believes in empowering you to work towards your potential. 

He and his team have created a name for themself as innovators of mental health practices, combining dedicated research with all aspects of a person’s well-being, including focusing on personal genetic disposition, personality, functionality, and spirituality. Shyler believes the “throw-medication-at-people” model belongs in the past. He taught himself how to prescribe medication better, honing in on a medication system specific to individuals based on their genetic histories and personal backgrounds.

The mental health field has intrigued and impassioned Shyler for over twelve years; following high school, he worked at the Utah State Hospital, eventually working as a Recreational Therapist for behavioral patients in the Children’s Unit. He received his Bachelor’s in Nursing from UVU and his Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) from the University of Utah, specializing in mental health for all ages. He currently works with all ages, occupations, and personalities.

The struggle is actually real, Shyler believes, as healing belongs in the category of hard, dedicated work. Long-term results require carrying the weight of healing, even if doing so momentarily worsens things. Be prepared to invest in yourself: Shyler will help lift the weight of your challenges, but you’ll need to carry it too.

Finally, he echoes author Hanya Yanagihara: “…things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.”

The best things are the most challenging things.

Let’s do the work.


Chris Zegarra

BS ChE Process Consultant

Christopher Zegarra can tell a story. 

A chemical engineer with on-the-dot comedic timing, Chris’s intelligence and dry sense of humor marry to encourage insightful and authentic conversation. Explicit in explanation, Chris uses clear analogies to simplify initially complex topics, whether about his time at Kennecott as a Precious Metals Process Engineer or his recreational hobby of running DND games. He’s an avid cello player and member of a string quartet, which he enjoys with friends and family.  

Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah. As a chemical engineer, Chris is a professional at developing and designing process-centered approaches. What does this mean? In other words, Chris provides structure to clients and guides them to help them leverage their strengths and talents to get them where they want to go. He uses this systematic approach to coaching and genetic consulting. 

Personality-wise, Chris is an Enneagram 5w4 SX/SP and an INTJ, which, he says, explains a lot. Curious and innovative, Chris works to master skills, build expertise, and develop many relationships through observation and assessment. These traits have benefitted him in his mental health and chemical engineering careers and as a paraeducator and a cello instructor. 

Chris now heads the Genetics Department of Sonatix Wellness. During genetic consultations, Chris works with clients to reclaim purpose and create meaning. Each session is driven by his understanding of how the genome affects a person’s engagement with the world. Using this knowledge and his process-centered approach, Chris develops detailed plans with clients to help them reach their goals by integrating genetic data with personality theory.

It sounds like we all need a coach like Chris.


Kalei Herbert

Massage Therapist

Genuine and unassuming, Kalei Herbert is all smiles as she welcomes her patients into their massage sessions. 

The newest member of the Sonatix Wellness team, Kalei brings with her over three years of experience as a licensed massage therapist—and a long list of dedicated patients. Those who have had the privilege of sitting alone in a session with Kalei have felt the safety and comfort of her bright energy and infectious smile. She comes highly recommended! 

Kalei is no stranger to the therapeutic elements of massage, having experienced the benefits of massage’s whole-body healing. In 2020, Kalei graduated from the 900-hour massage program at Healing Mountain Massage School and was skilled in Swedish (relaxing), deep tissue, trigger point, cupping, and trauma massage. Eastern and ancient practices intrigue her, and she has expanded her education with courses in Thai massage, Ashiatsu, and parasympathetic reset. 

Although Kalei was born and raised in Provo, Utah, her heritage extends far beyond this landlocked state. Her ancestors hail from the Philippines and Hawaiian royalty, examples of those who sacrificed much to keep their American dreams alive. And royal she is, as Kalei winds her heritage into her massage practice, carrying on the healing practice of an ancient form of deep tissue Hawaiian massage known as Lomi Lomi. It’s a privilege for her to carry on that healing practice.

She is a gentle but fiery soul—it must be the royalty in her bloodline. Without hesitation, she’ll remind you of your royalty, too.

Part of her desire to become a massage therapist comes from her desire to help people in recovery and pain know the beauty of a healthy, healing touch and to help the physical body process trauma. She wants to help her patients feel relief from sore muscles and injuries, increasing their flexibility and mental clarity while improving circulation and relaxation. She advises patients to be open-minded and to allow themselves to feel the emotions of connection and holistic healing through massage. Ever the observer, she reads her patients carefully, taking their energy and spirit and bringing them to life through healthy, healing touch. 

While she takes her massage practice seriously, she’s notably a spry, silly creature who enjoys being the mom to her four kids: Ke’alohi (26), Kolya (24), Nakoa (22), and Hanale (15). She embraces the joy of living, frequently breaking into made-up songs and soft-shoeing her way through her day. Family is life, she says, and she loves to travel, play games, and spend time with her family. She’s a sucker for pizza and Vanilla Coke on a Friday night, but the real way to her heart is a visit to the quintessential Provo Bombay House for her favorite Indian cuisine (always a winner). In a bakery stick-up, though, she’d rob you blind for a maple doughnut or plain cheesecake with strawberries. Watch out for this cheesecake bandit.

Kalei radiates joy and respect and, as she connects to her clients, reminds them to listen to their bodies for whole-body wellness. The impact of physical pain often stems from sources unknown—and Kalei’s intricate knowledge of body systems helps her find the origin of physical discomfort. Kalei works readily to relieve the physical body of pain while, in synchrony, helping to heal her patients of the excess emotional weight trapped inside their somatic selves. Bodies will quite literally carry the weight of fears, burdens, grief, and pain, and Kalei seeks to connect with her patients to help release the negative energy that burdens them. 

Set up an appointment now, and let Kalei help you with your healing. 

Keshia Headshot

Keshia Bowers


Keshia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She received a Master of Social Work Degree and a Bachelors in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in psychology from Utah Valley University.
Keshia specializes in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. She approaches treatment holistically and utilizes different therapeutic elements, techniques, and theories to tailor sessions to each client’s individual needs. Keshia is passionate about personality theory, emotional connection, functional medicine, and whole-body wellness. She enjoys incorporating these elements into her practice as much as possible.Keshia spent nearly 8 years working with pediatric patients and their families at the Utah State Hospital, both as a student and as a professional. She completed an eight-month therapy rotation at a local high school. In this setting, she conducted suicide prevention training, provided individual therapy, collaboratively created a girls’ empowerment group, and co-facilitated a support group for LGBTQ youth. She transitioned to private practice in 2020. 

In her free time, she enjoys outdoor adventures, music, spending time with friends and family, game nights, watching shows, and researching. Her favorite research topics include personality theory, natural remedies, raising little humans, fertility and women’s health. She’s a professional crier and ADHDer. She loves plants, cats, chocolate, and cold water. Her cause of death will likely be a car accident due to being distracted by spring blossoms. She is an ENFP, Enneagram 2w3, self-preservation subtype.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 9.32.06 PM

Kylie Bischof


Kylie Bischof has perfected the chocolate chip cookie. 

Quite the feat for this busy gal: Between the everyday hurdles of raising children, supporting her husband’s full schedule (and his energetic ADHD), and contributing to the Sonatix team, Kylie makes time to bake, play tennis, and read the monthly paperbacks for her book clubs. She is the wife of Sonatix team member Shyler Bischof, whom she met and married after working together at the Utah State Hospital in the Children’s Unit. Kylie has an impressive record collection, loves traveling, and is a self-proclaimed romantic, hopelessly so. 

Kylie brings seven years of elementary teaching experience to the Sonatix team. Her classroom, a wonderland for different learning styles, offered calm, sensory spaces for kinesthetic, artistic, auditory, and withdrawn students. The authenticity and respect she infused into her classroom caught the attention and love of many students who needed a safe place to feel their valid, dysregulated emotions. As disruptive temperaments and behavior concerns continue to create difficulty in classroom environments, Kylie’s expertise as a compassionate, authoritative educator adds to the team’s enthusiasm to work with teachers and students alike to develop safe, harmonious classrooms. 

As an Enneagram Type 1, Kylie finds herself navigating the perfection triad. She juggles indecisiveness with worry but can hold herself confidently while being emotionally available for others. Her husband attributes his accomplishments to her reliability and resilience in supporting and managing their family life as he painstakingly pursued his doctorate and slogged through 80-hour work weeks. Kylie handles so much, he says, and she’s incredibly capable of standing on her own. 

As a mother of four, Kylie dedicates her time to the well-being and growth of her young children (including chauffeuring them to their various activities). She uses the same perseverance and love she used in a classroom to provide a nurturing, dedicated space for them to grow. While at times she misses the classroom, mothering is where Kylie feels at home. Her impact on the teaching community, however, will not be forgotten. 

In the meantime, though, she’ll bake you a dozen cookies. 

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